• 0.26.0

Asynchronous Execution of Methods

Methods annotated with @Async will return immediately to its caller while its operation executes asynchronously:

public class Foo {
  public void save() {
    // perform some operation here

The save() method will immediately return control to its caller when invoked, without having to wait for the operation to complete. Note that the save() operation will execute in a separate thread, so you must ensure thread safety for any shared data being manipulated within save().

An asynchronous method can also pass a result to its caller by returning a Future through the returned value of Future.get().

public class Foo {
  public Future<Integer> calculate() {
    // perform some operation here
    // return an instance of Future interface

Methods annotated with @Async must strictly have a void or Future return type. Otherwise, an exception will be thrown at runtime when the method is invoked. If you wish to check for non-compliant methods at compile time, you may incorporate the annotation processor AsyncReturnTypeProcessor during your build. Example usage with maven-processor-plugin:


The mechanism is implemented with AOP/AspectJ. Read how to integrate it into your pom.xml.